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Best Guidance about the importance of Internship

This is Deepayan & who I am, that you can check from my LinkedIn profile.! The topic which I have selected i.e. Importance of Internship is one of the most vital topics in the current market.

Common student problem

Now in the student community, some issues have been detected i.e. mostly I have seen on the behalf of a Skill-Development institution:

  • Lack of Proper Career Guidance
  • From my experience, I have seen so many students from all standards of College/University during Seminar/Skill-Development sessions, most of them have no idea about what they will do after the pursuing course i.e. Lack of Proper Career Guidance. As a result of this situation, after being an Engineer, they are intended to go for Sales & Marketing-oriented job which is very unfortunate due to the lack of their core field knowledge.

    Except few giant educational groups, most of the college/university never take any responsibility for Skill-Development of their students, as a result:

  • Students failed to cross the cut-off level of Interview round
  • Lack of communication skill tends them towards dark
  • Lack of technical knowledge grabs their confidence level
  • Poor self-presentation before Interview panel due to lack of grooming
  • In our country, many brilliant students come from rural areas who have knowledge but less idea about exploring it into the right platform. They just need proper Career Guidance, Counselling, and Grooming to represent themselves but many Educational Institutes are not able to provide them these facilities at right time, so as a result that dark side comes again. They also need to understand why people are shouting about the importance of internship.

    As I have mentioned before, few giant educational initiatives groups provides these facilities to their students to make them strong and bold in a collaborative way with different organization which very much appreciable. On the behalf of our organization, I am proud to mention that we are one of the part of that collaboration where both of our goal is to make them able and smart enough to face Interview panel.

    What to do to understand the importance of internship

    In different posts, I have seen in LinkedIn/Facebook, where many organizations demand themselves as a software development company and as well as a training organization and also assure students/freshers to give them training (also mention trainers are experienced in Job field) along with experience certificate and when you will go to join there they will ask for a huge amount of money, in Kolkata several companies are there. My suggestion is before joining there take feedback from your seniors who are working in the same sector and do a survey in Google/Glassdoor/Job community(Post your question and check others response) in Facebook because in most cases you will find trainers are similar like you (i.e. either fresher or hardly 2-3 months experience), so naturally you can easily understand that they are not ready, then how they can train other people.!!! It is true that some times small organizations can help you better than big organizations, but before choosing to be careful about their offers, i.e. after 3 months of training only (Not Job), nobody can be an experienced professional. If you already received such kind of proposal from any company so stay away from it. Remember one thing.! If you are going to learn something, then obviously you have to invest some money, but if you already got a job but still the company asking for money (for training purposes) just leave it.

    Thank you.! I will represent another blog very soon. All the blogs are related to common students issue along with Career Guidance.

    Deepayan Pal

    Founder & Director

    Sikharthy Infotech Private Limited